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Discover Vineyard Worship Vol 2: Form Us
Vineyard Music USA

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For decades Vineyard Music has been synonymous with profound modern worship music that resonates within the Church and culture. Today more than ever the songwriters and musicians at the core of this movement are creating some of the best worship songs Vineyard Music has ever seen. "Form Us" is a reflection of this offering that is impacting the Church right now as we celebrate our risen Savior, and a statement that this God- inspired musical journey is relevant and real.

Featuring Jeremy Riddle, The Neverclaim, Chris Lizotte, Charlie Hines & Sarah Kelly, Casey Corum, Stephen Lampert, Adam Russell, Martin Carpenter & Fran Pratt, David Linhart, Anabeth Morgan, Kirsten Ford, John Barnett and Evelyn Ulloa-Sanchez.

CD includes free songbook download with purchase.

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Track Listing

Form Us
Father Of Lights
Cloud By Day
One Thing Remains
Your Mercy
Straight From The Source
Love Of God
Folks Like Us
I Cannot Live Without You
Bringing The World To Life
New Highway
Wash Over Me
Down At Your Feet


Vineyard Music USA

Vineyard Music USA

Vineyard Music is a US label founded to document the worship songs coming out of Vineyard Churches in America. These songs soon crossed over into the wider church and Vineyard Music has since given the world many classic songs and produced of our best-loved writers. Under the mantle From The Church, For The Church, they continue to have their finger on the pulse of modern worship.

Vineyard Music in the USA is renowned for developing gifted worship leaders and writers with the potential to impact the worldwide church. Names such as Andy Park, Brian Doerksen, Scott Underwood, Chris Lizotte and more recently Jeremy Riddle, Ryan Delmore and Sheri Carr have consistently written songs for our times, that have resources thousands of churches and individuals.

Discover Vineyard Worship Vol 2: Form Us
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