Trent Live at Spring Harvest
Trent Vineyard

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One of the UK's rising worship bands, Trent return with a recording of what they do best - powerful contemporary live worship.

Recorded live at Spring Harvest, the band perform a mix of new material and classics, wrapped up in the unique atmosphere of the Spring Harvest Big-Top, and accompanied by an enthusiastic crowd of 4000 people!

A band renowned for their tight live production, and the quality of their sound and arrangements, this recording captures this wonderful band at their most enduring.

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Now And Ever

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I Will Worship

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Did You Feel The Mountains Tremble
Walk Humbly

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Open The Eyes Of My Heart

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Better Is One Day
Perfect Sacrifice
Friend Of God
Unfailing Love


Trent Vineyard

Trent Vineyard

There’s an amazing scene in the Johnny Cash biopic - ‘Walk the Line’ - when Johnny is trying to get a recording deal with Sam Phillips in Sun Studio. Johnny plays a popular religious ‘Jimmy Davies’ song. Sam is suitably unimpressed:

"If you was hit by a truck and you was lying out there in that gutter dying, and you had time to sing *one* song. One song that people would remember before you're dirt. One song that would let God know how you felt about your time here on Earth . . . You tellin' me that's the song you'd sing? That same Jimmy Davis tune we hear on the radio all day, about your peace within, and how it's real, and how you're gonna shout it? Or . . . would you sing somethin' different. Somethin' real. Somethin' *you* felt. Cause I'm telling you right now, that's the kind of song people want to hear. That's the kind of song that truly saves people."

We want to sing something different, something real. Being a called a ‘worship’ band is a strange thing - but, for us as Trent, it’s about two things. Firstly, we write songs that express how we feel about God in a way that is real and authentic to us and for church community, Trent Vineyard. Second, how we play the songs matters.

We play in our church, Trent Vineyard, two Sundays a month - it's a priority for us and one of our key values. It's home and we like spending time there. We write songs to lead people in worship - that is, to inspire and give a voice for people to communicate with God, to sing stories of what He has done in our lives, as individuals and within our community, and to celebrate the amazing person of Jesus.

We also like our noise, our electric guitars and drums. When Bruce Springsteen inducted U2 into the ‘Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’ a couple of years ago he said that great rock bands search "for the same kind of combustible force that fueled the expansion of the universe after the big bang. You want the earth to shake and spit fire. You want the sky to split apart and for God to pour out." - now that’s what we want to do - when we play together and lead worship we pray that something happens that is bigger than just 5 guys playing music. We pray God splits the sky and joins with us, a little bit of heaven on earth.

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" Trent, one of LTTM's favorite bands, have come together with Spring Harvest to release their Live At Spring Harvest album. This album was recorded live at the UK's Spring Harvest conference in 2010 in front of 4000 people and includes a mix of songs that are well known in local churches and also a few Trent songs which were recorded on their 2009 album 'Burn Bright'.

Trent, from Trent Vineyard Church in Nottingham, are one of the UK's rising worship bands. I had the opportunity to see them live this year at Spring Harvest when I visited the event for the day, they were leading the main evening worship event in the evening, and together these guys are musically very tight and creative in their approach to leading people closer to God.

This ten-track album includes covers of popular songs such as Delirious' 'Did You Feel The Mountains Tremble' and Israel Houghton's 'Friend Of God', which to be fair to the band are very good versions of these well known songs. But the one worship cover that stands out the most for me is the bass led I Will Worship. Trent seem to add an extra beat to the song, adding a new dimension to this original worship song. 

In regards to the Trent songs like 'Perfect Sacrifice' and 'Unfailing Love', these version are similar to the ones that feature on the live album that the band released a few years ago. These songs show what this talented band can produce on their own accord. If this is your first introduction to Trent then this album could be the perfect example to hear what these lads can do.

If you went to Spring Harvest last year, this album is a great reminder of what God was doing in musical worship during that week. Or if you want to see what these lads from Nottingham sound like, with a mixed bag of well known songs and some original tracks, this is the perfect album for you. For me, I can't wait to see what Nige and the rest of the band do in the next year or so. More great worship songs please boys."

Trent Live at Spring Harvest
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