Spring Harvest 2013

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  • Big Room - Sunday morning
    Big Room - Sunday morning
    Ian Henderson
  • Chaplaincy & pastoral ministry in schools
    Chaplaincy & pastoral...
    Catherine Burns, Gail Foot
  • Evangelism: What happens after Alpha?
    Evangelism: What happens...
    Phil Knox, Tom Clark
  • Discipleship: LiveLife 123
    Discipleship: LiveLife 123
    Matt Summerfield
  • Mental Wellbeing: dealing with issues
    Mental Wellbeing: dealing...
    Laura Haddow, Rachael Costa
  • Naked Truth
    Naked Truth
    Ian Henderson, Rachel Gardner
  • I've been doing this for years, why isn't this working?
    I've been doing this for...
    Ali Campbell, Richard Shaw
  • Big Room - Final Session
    Big Room - Final Session
    Gavin Calver
  • Big Room - Friday Evening
    Big Room - Friday Evening
    Rev Chris Russell
  • The great comMISSION
    The great comMISSION
    Becca Brierley, Dan Evans
  • BASICS - The Whole Story
    BASICS - The Whole Story
    Phil Knox
  • Evangelism: running Alpha with your youth group
    Evangelism: running Alpha...
    Amy Walker, Tom Clark
  • Spiritual habits to transform you and your youth - part 2
    Spiritual habits to transform...
    Matt Summerfield, Ruth Wells
  • Being versus Doing
    Being versus Doing
    Gavin Calver, Martin Stand, Paul Northam, Phil Knox
  • Transitions - In & Out
    Transitions - In & Out
    Ali Campbell, Pippa Elmes
  • How do we stop young people losing their faith?
    How do we stop young people...
    John Stephenson
  • Discipleship: Raising young leaders
    Discipleship: Raising young...
    Damian Wharton, Dorothy Tyler
  • Praying for people so that stuff happens
    Praying for people so that...
    Jeannie Morgan
  • Spiritual habits to transform you and your youth - part 1
    Spiritual habits to transform...
    Martin Stand, Paul Northam, Ruth Wells
  • Establishing a faith that will last
    Establishing a faith that...
    John Stephenson
  • How to transform your youth work
    How to transform your youth...
    Phil Timson
  • CEOP Training for Social Media - part 1
    CEOP Training for Social...
    Colin Perkins
  • BASICS - Mentoring
    BASICS - Mentoring
    Becca Brierley, Richard Shaw
  • Should I still bother with schools work?
    Should I still bother with...
    Amy Stock, Martin Dickson