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Evening Celebration - The Arena: Tue
Robby Dawkins

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Robby Dawkins

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Just please buy this talk - you'll hear God speaking to you through this man today!


This guy is captivating. I saw the preach live at New Wine so if you can afford the DVD too, buy it!

Robby, a charismatic pastor from a Vineyard church in the USA, encourages us through hilarious + inspiring stories, to take God at his word and see our faith supersized!

Peppered with amazing stories of what’s happening in his home church (in a town where the police told him it was too dangerous to plant a church), including a man called Hitler(!), Robby also tells the story of Luke 5 - Peter goes fishing. But in a way I’ve never heard before - through his comical re-telling of the story, a new revelation of God came. Don’t you just love it when preachers do that? A story you’ve read since you were a child, comes alive in a new way.

If you need a new revelation of God today, if you need reminding that God can be trusted no matter your situation, listen to this!

Evening Celebration - The Arena: Tue
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