Essential New Books

  • KESWICK: Knowing God Better: The Vision Of The Keswick Movement
    KESWICK: Knowing God Better:...
    Jonathan Lamb
  • Jesus Culture: Calling A Generation To Revival
    Jesus Culture: Calling A...
    Banning Liebscher
  • Immeasurably More Theme Book & Guide
    Immeasurably More Theme Book...
    Cris Rogers
  • Immeasurably Deeper: A 40-Day Devotional For A Deeper Life In The Spirit
    Immeasurably Deeper: A 40-Day...
  • The All-In Thing Book
    The All-In Thing Book
    BIG Ministries
  • Spring Harvest Praise Immeasurably More Songbook
    Spring Harvest Praise...
  • Big Issues
    Big Issues
  • Holy Spirit Workbook
    Holy Spirit Workbook
    Paul Weston
  • Malachi Workbook
    Malachi Workbook
    Ruth Valerio
  • Love So Amazing: 40 Reflections On My Favourite Hymns
    Love So Amazing: 40...
    Various Artists
  • Church Behind the Wire: A Story of Faith in the Killing Fields
    Church Behind the Wire: A...
    Barnabas Mam
  • Our Hands His Healing: A Practical Guide To Prayer Ministry And Inner Healing
    Our Hands His Healing: A...
    Jeannie Morgan
  • Unbelievable: Confident Faith In A Sceptical World
    Unbelievable: Confident Faith...
    Malcolm Duncan
  • Romans 8 Workbook
    Romans 8 Workbook
    Dr Krish Kandiah
  • Christmas Sketchbook
    Christmas Sketchbook
    Judy Mackenzie Dunn
  • God's Love Is Unstoppable: 10 BIG Sessions Exploring The Life Of Peter
    God's Love Is...
    BIG Ministries
  • Risk Takers: The Life God Intends For You
    Risk Takers: The Life God...
    Malcolm Duncan
  • 100 Stand-Alone Bible Studies: To Grow Healthy Homegroups
    100 Stand-Alone Bible Studies...
    Penelope Wilcock
  • Spring Harvest Praise 2013: Digital & Printed Songbook
    Spring Harvest Praise 2013:...
  • 1 John Workbook
    1 John Workbook
    Jenny Baker
  • Kingdom Rise: Redefining A Life Of Worship And Justice
    Kingdom Rise: Redefining A...
    Awaken Movement
  • Back To The Source: 30 Challenges To Be, Say, And Do Life The Jesus Way
    Back To The Source: 30...
    Dr Krish Kandiah
  • Welcome To The Big Academy: 12 Big Questions
    Welcome To The Big Academy:...
    BIG Ministries
  • Misfit: Dealing With Our God Given Discomfort
    Misfit: Dealing With Our God...
    Pastor Chris Durso