Latest Teaching Highlights

  • Studies in Mark: What do we really need? Mark 2:1-12
    Studies in Mark: What do we...
    Becky Manley Pippert
  • Arena - The Evening Event - Monday: The Redemptive Heart of God
    Arena - The Evening Event -...
    Andy Elmes
  • Bible Teaching - Unfathomable Father
    Bible Teaching - Unfathomable...
    Rev Steve Brady
  • Bible Teaching - Unbeatable Son
    Bible Teaching - Unbeatable...
    Rev Steve Brady
  • Morning Celebration - The Arena: Mon
    Morning Celebration - The...
    WM Paul Young
  • Celebration - Sun
    Celebration - Sun
    Rob Parsons OBE

Featured New Music and DVDs

  • Spring Harvest NewSongs: For The Church 2015
    Spring Harvest NewSongs: For...
  • Spring Harvest Praise Immeasurably More Songbook
    Spring Harvest Praise...
  • Spring Harvest NewSongs For Kids
    Spring Harvest NewSongs For...
  • Immeasurably Deeper: A 40-Day Devotional For A Deeper Life In The Spirit
    Immeasurably Deeper: A 40-Day...
  • Holy Spirit Workbook
    Holy Spirit Workbook
    Paul Weston
  • Big Issues
    Big Issues
  • Intersect: Where your story and God's story converge
    Intersect: Where your story...
    Cris Rogers, Rob Peabody
  • Cathy Burton Live At Spring Harvest
    Cathy Burton Live At Spring...
    Cathy Burton
  • Unbelievable Live Worship From Spring Harvest
    Unbelievable Live Worship...
  • Wide Open Spaces: Sound of Wales Live Worship
    Wide Open Spaces: Sound of...
    Sound Of Wales
  • All Or Nothing
    All Or Nothing
    Pete James
  • Doug Horley's Top 50 Awesome Action Songs!
    Doug Horley's Top 50...
    Doug Horley
  • The All-In Thing Book
    The All-In Thing Book
    BIG Ministries
  • The All-In Thing Songs
    The All-In Thing Songs
    BIG Ministries
  • Great Big God 5: Ready To Go
    Great Big God 5: Ready To Go
    Vineyard Records UK
  • Oceans: Worship Without Borders
    Oceans: Worship Without...
    Various Artists
  • Waterfalls Live From St Albans: Live From St Albans
    Waterfalls Live From St...
    Vineyard Records UK
  • You Make All Things New
    You Make All Things New
    Trent Vineyard
  • Modern Hymns Of Revival
    Modern Hymns Of Revival
    Influence Music
  • Worship
    New Irish Choir &...
  • Worship Anthems 2015
    Worship Anthems 2015
    Various Artists